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Why Greece?

Greece  Greek SaladGreece

Greece is much more than we are taught at school or the predictable summer image of glorious sunsets and sandy beaches.


In Greece, you are standing at a crossroads of cultures, colours and civilisations, you feel the strength of history and the warmth of being in the southernmost part of Europe, you discover a country that despite being rich in history has a population that is forward thinking, with English being a compulsory language in all schools.


With daily Easyjet flights from 2 airports and regular services by BA & Olympic in the UK, plus by all major carriers throughout Europe, Greece is a mere 3½ hours away.


The Weather

Greece enjoys a generous amount of sunshine, with as much as fourteen hours a day in midsummer and even up to five hours a day in midwinter. Around the coasts this summer heat is greatly tempered by fresh daytime breezes. Summers are hot, with almost no cloud or rain for three months, Spring and Autumn enjoy a warmth most English summers would be pleased with and even during Winter the weather is generally mild.


The Quality of Life

Greece has a slower pace of life where everyone takes the time to enjoy themselves and their surroundings. Add to this an outdoor lifestyle with sun, sea and one of the healthiest cuisines around, and you can see why the lifestyle is envied throughout the world.


Greek Gastronomy

The unique tastes of Greece guarantee that you are in for many culinary surprises. Contrary to common belief, you will discover that Greek cuisine is not only Moussaka & Souvlaki but is a wide variety of dishes. It was, in fact, Archestratos who, in 330 B.C., wrote the first cookbook in history and reminded us that cuisine is a sign of civilisation.


Value for Money

Full membership of the EEC and a thriving economy following the Olympic games of 2004, have not affected the cost of living (between 30% & 40% lower than that of the UK!). The Greek Government has seen a regular 10% growth in tourism and expects a considerable growth in property tourism. Many people have now identified Greece as a wonderful investment opportunity.